How Far I’ll Go – Disney’s Moana – Ocarina/Ukulele Cover || David Erick Ramos

An original acoustic arrangement of “How Far I’ll Go” from Disney’s Moana, performed by David Erick Ramos. ⬇LINKS⬇ Download the music/ocarina tabs ➤ Subscribe for more ocarina videos ➤ More Disney Covers ➤ Pendant Ocarina from Songbird Ocarina ➤ 🎶🎶 CONNECT WITH ME! 🎶🎶 Facebook ➤ Twitter ➤ Instagram […]

30 Years of Zelda! (Main Theme on Ocarina)

Ocarina: 12h Zelda Replica by Sixth Street Ocarina Arrangement by stevtomato Today marked the 25th Anniversary of the original Legend of Zelda for the NES and I had no plans to make a video for it. However, this afternoon I felt an urge to pay a simple tribute to the series that not […]

Tutorial Cómo tocar Tapion Guitarra Theme Dragon Ball z Tablatura (tabs)

Cómo tomar ocarina tapión-Dragon Ball Z tutorial como tocar tapión-Dragon Ball Z tablatura tapion via RodrigoGuitar on YouTube The following is a user submitted video by RodrigoGuitar. If you like his work, please share it with one of the social sites below.Any ocarina tabs reaching over 10 shares will be permanently added to our site.

Silent night 12 hole ocarina tutorial

It’s that time of season, and unlike last year, I actually plan on releasing Christmas songs so that you all can practice for family events and whatnot. This is the first of 5 or 6 songs i plan on completing this week. Hopefully I won’t be too lazy and just upload 3. Tab: Plus […]