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16 Holes Alto C Ocarina Multi Chamber Terracotta

This is a personal favorite, as the terracotta material (earthenware) just feels really good. It plays extremely well, and is the next logical step up from the 12 hole. Hole: 16 Holes Tone: C Tone Range: 16 degrees Material: Terracotta Size: About 16*13.7*7.6cm Weight: About 335g Package List: 1 x Ocarina 1 x Protective Bag […]

8 Hole Ocarina Black Clay Xun

8 Hole Ocarina Black Clay Xun Xun, Wade-Giles romanization hsün, Chinese vessel ocarina (flute) made of pottery, one of the oldest known Chinese instruments. In its most common form it is egg-shaped with a flattened bottom, and there are five finger holes—three on the front and two (for thumbs) on the back. Its range is about one […]