How to play Brothers from FMA

This is the sad theme from the hit anime Fullmetal Alchemist. I heard a request for it, and it was actually one of the first songs I memorized. I bet I’m the first to make a tutorial video for ocarinas. It is also playable on the 6 hole pendant and 5 hole sweet potato. Update!: […]

Still Alive 6 hole ocarina tutorial

So I decided to cave in and make Still Alive for the 6 hole because, let’s be honest, the 6 hole tutorials are rare compared to the 12 hole, so I give the 6 holes some good songs. Mwa ha ha ha! I’m hoping that if I’m successful in finishing “Cupcakes” on time, I’ll be […]

Greensleeves 12 hole ocarina tutorial

Obviously not my best one since this song seemed to focus on my two problem areas. Breathing and tonality. But I think you guys can figure this out and do a lot better than me. Tabs: Backtrack: You’ll notice little Leo from VGCats in there. He’s part of the Christmas cartoon I’m doing […]

The Hobbit – Misty Mountains Cold on STL Ocarina

The ocarina tabs for this song is now available at: ————– Dwarf Ocarina is available at: Other LOTR Ocarinas: ————– Credits: Laura Sexauer– Tauriel Sarah Crowder — Director Amy Koehler — Make Up Artist Heather Scott — Ocarina ————– Follow us on Twitter: Facebook: via STL Ocarina on YouTube The following […]

Update 2017 – The New Face of Ocarina Tabs

Well, it’s 2017, and we’ve officially been around for seven years. It’s about time that we looked in to a new design, right? began as a pet project for me (Josh) when I first picked up the ocarina, and found a very poor and loose organization of forums and spam sites to be the only […]

Zelda’s lullaby on 6 hole ocarina with tab

Zelda’s lullaby with tab. Played on a 6-hole pendant ocarina. I got the ocarina 2 days ago and thought i would try working out the tab for this song 🙂 enjoy! Please suggest other songs too! via mattceemusic on YouTube The following is a user submitted video by mattceemusic. If you like his work, please […]

Final Fantasy X Hymn of the Fayth Ocarina Tab (4-6 hole)

Here’s a link to the original music Also known as Jecht’s Theme, It is from the game called ‘Final Fantasy X’ The picture was made using SongBirdOcarina’s online composer v2, while the tabs were taken from their online composer. This particular tab was transcribed by ‘ilove2blitz’ on SongBirdOcarina’s site. I just moved it […]