The Hobbit – Misty Mountains Cold on STL Ocarina

The ocarina tabs for this song is now available at: ————– Dwarf Ocarina is available at: Other LOTR Ocarinas: ————– Credits: Laura Sexauer– Tauriel Sarah Crowder — Director Amy Koehler — Make Up Artist Heather Scott — Ocarina ————– Follow us on Twitter: Facebook: via STL Ocarina on YouTube The following […]

The Hobbit: The Last Goodbye – David Erick Ramos (Ocarina Cover)

Check out my cover of Misty Mountains Cold from the Hobbit: Wooden Alto C Ocarina by Charlie Hind: My debut studio album, “Leave Luck to Heaven”, is now available on iTunes, Loudr, and physical CD! Loudr ➤ iTunes ➤ Bandcamp ➤ Physical CD ➤ Facebook – Twitter – […]

The Best Ocarina Tabs Around

Ocarina Tabs Newest Features Welcome to our ocarina tabs! Check out some of our new stuff right here or dive right into the index to the left. Ocarina tab was, and is, maintained by musicians for musicians. We offer free ocarina sheet music provided by users just like you, with reviews, forums, and commentary on […]