Theme of Love from Final Fantasy IV on STL Ocarina

For those of you who would like to play songs from Final Fantasy, we have just released a songbook. It includes 20 songs from the FF series. The Theme of Love is one of the songs in the book. To find out more about this book, you can visit: and via STL Ocarina […]

Final Fantasy X Hymn of the Fayth Ocarina Tab (4-6 hole)

Here’s a link to the original music Also known as Jecht’s Theme, It is from the game called ‘Final Fantasy X’ The picture was made using SongBirdOcarina’s online composer v2, while the tabs were taken from their online composer. This particular tab was transcribed by ‘ilove2blitz’ on SongBirdOcarina’s site. I just moved it […]

Cosmo Canyon On Ocarina

Help me make my make my first ocarina album with Kickstarter! Want your own ocarina? From: Final Fantasy 7 Music by: Nobuo Uematsu Arrangement by: Docjazz4 Sheet Music/Tabs: None 🙁 Ocarina: TNG Purple Clay Soprano C This tune has been requested by several subscribers, and if you keep up with my channel, […]