Update 2017 – The New Face of Ocarina Tabs


Well, it’s 2017, and we’ve officially been around for seven years. It’s about time that we looked in to a new design, right?

Ocarinatab.com began as a pet project for me (Josh) when I first picked up the ocarina, and found a very poor and loose organization of forums and spam sites to be the only place to find music online.

The site has slowly grown over time, and then set stagnant as life overwhelmed me.

Well, now I’m a little older, have a son and beautiful wife, and a bit more experience with web design. Not much, but a bit. Over the next few months you will see more and more optimizations and tab submissions, as I completely revamp the system we have going here.

I guess what I’m saying is, thanks a lot for sticking with the site for so land, and I look forward to another seven years of ocarina tabs and new content. If you’ve any questions or wish to help out, feel free to contact us via the site!